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UltraNova SAW Bass (free)

Sound library for NI Kontakt, SF2/SFZ and Renoise .XRNS

Ultranova SAW Bass is a simple goa/trance saw bass created with the Novation UltraNova synthesizer.

I had to compose a fast paced, uplifting goa for a client but I couldn’t find the fitting bass sound in my library.
There were a ton of cool bass libraries on the net of course, but none of them matched my needs and there was no time to search deeper.

So, I opened my favourite DAW, inserted the UltraNova as a VSTi instance and designed the sound.
I must say, UltraNova is a really great synth, very easy to use, really stunning in sound quality.
The audio signal went through a TLA Ivory 5060 to add warmth to the bass sound.
My music is ready to release, I am happy with the result, it sounds just the way it should.

I decided to release this library as a free product, maybe you can find it useful too.

Raw technical details:

  • 2 presets in NI Kontakt, Renoise, SFZ and SF2 format
  • Kontak 4.2+ (full version) required
  • 37 individual wav files per preset
  • dry sound through TLA Ivory tube
  • ~5Mbytes of disc space/memory
  • optimized memory usage

Copyright notice:
All sounds created with a Novation UltraNova syntesizer.
Download and use it for free but DO NOT modify and/or sell!



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