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TeH Tul0k

Sound library for NI Kontakt

Be prepared for wicked and sick audio experience and cheer with us at the London Olympic Games with our new product called: TeH Tul0k!

TeH Tul0k is a custom made mini soccer horn-like plastic instrument with a lot of additional gadgets like plastic tubes, wooden sticks, tapping hands, and a lot more.
Use it as a musical instrument or layer it on the top of a bass. Create cheering stadium sfx, use it as sound design element.
…just let your mind flow and do whatever you want.


  • 3 Kontakt patches (Full Kontakt 4.2+ required)
  • 55Mbytes (lossless Kontakt compressed)
  • 44.1kHz / 32bit (float)
  • 196 files
  • Multiple round-robin’
  • Unique, wicked and sick sounds

    Tuned Tul0k:

  • Overblown Tul0k (C1 – B1)
  • Tul0k with plastic tubes (C2 – A4)
  • Tul0k without additional gadgets (D#4)
  • Short Tul0k (A#4)

    Musical sfx:

  • Short, overblown notes (D1)
  • Tul0k with a long plastic tube (F1 – G1)
  • Resonating Tul0k (D2)
  • Wicked resonating Tul0k (F2 – A2)


  • Imitating bee sound (C-1 – D-1)
  • Imitating cow sound (F-1 – A-1)
  • Resonating beep (C0)
  • Screech sfx (C1 – D2)
  • Tapping on Tul0k (G2 – C#3)
  • Assembling-disassembling Tul0k (E3 – F3)
  • Blow the Tul0k (C4 – E4)

Audio examples:

Price: 10 USD


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