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Fujiya MC-3A (free)

Sound library for NI Kontakt

Fujiya MC-3A aka. “Look, what I found in Granny’s basement!
The Fujiya MC-3A is a legendary synthesizer from the end of the good old 80’s. It’s intended to be the rival of the awesome Casio toy-synths. We can say, they succeed.

StrayWorx is proud to present the faithful recreation of this fabolous gem, entirely made with NI Kontakt. Originally, this sound library meant to be an entry for KVRaudio DC2012 competition but due to various reasons, there wasn’t enough time to finish it until deadline.
It is still not complete but we’d like to release it to the public as a Christmas gift. Download and enjoy this weltmeister sound library and have fun with it.


  • Deep sampled sounds, signal sent through TLA tube preamp (actually, this is true)
  • 1:1 copy of original hardware
  • Beautiful and Easy-to Use GUI with precise positioned buttons
  • Authentic 50Hz groundloop on C6 key (96)
  • 12 Orchestra sound
  • Auto-bass on the lower keys
  • All 49 keys sampled
  • 64 note polyphony, it is 16x more than the original!
  • Power On button and Power On & Off sounds!
  • Separate Volume sliders for Auto-bass, Rythm section and Master
  • Authentic yellow DrumPads work as a real key-pad
  • A lot of buttons to play with – but most of them has no function, they are nice anyway
  • Rythm section with built-in accompainment
  • All the function of the synth is programmed and available to use
  • Full Kontakt 4.2.4 (or newer) required
  • 130MB (zipped) using Kontakt lossless compression
  • Completely free to download and use

Tips & tricks:

  • Please keep in mind that the first screen (Main Panel) is just a nice graphic, there are no clickable buttons and sliders
  • Notice the available screens, Volume control, Orchestra, Rythm and DrumPads
  • Don’t forget to turn ON the synth first (Volume Control section)
  • Keep in mind that the synth won’t remember any settings on Power OFF or reload (works as the original hardware)
  • Most of the functions are implemented, all 12 Orchestra sounds are available
  • Transpose function (-5 note, works as the original hardware) is available with Reset function
  • Auto-bass is available on the lower part of the keyboard
  • DrumPads are fully implemented and fun to play with
  • Sustain function works like it should
  • Vibrato function is not available
  • Volume controls are implemented, you can change the loudness of Auto-bass, Drumpads and Master section
  • Rythm patterns and tempo change are unavailable (might be added later)
  • Custom drummer function is not available
  • …we forgot to implement the Demo button and music 🙁
  • Auto-accompaniment functions are unavailable

StrayWorx would like to say thank you to Poison, Pontscho and EvilDragon for their help.
All right reserved, download this sound library for free but do NOT sell it and do NOT modify any parts of it.

Download url: Fujiya MC-3A
Download extras: Demosong.mid | Demosong.mp3

MC-3A, you’re drunk, go back to the basement


12 Responses to “Fujiya MC-3A (free)”

  1. alex says:

    really nice thanks

  2. kevin says:

    Thank you. Merry Christmas to you!

  3. wolf says:

    hi there and thanks for these cute sounds that rise memories. merry x-mas to you and a happy new year!

  4. Jesper says:

    Thanks for this gift. It sounds like some good musical fun.

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  6. dr. motte says:

    thank you for this great freeware package. we love 8 bit sound 🙂

  7. Tomelwich says:

    LONG LIVE RETRO! Merry Christmas Strayworx…you guys are da bomb!

  8. debris54 says:

    wow this is sick.. no, i mean SICK… listening to the demo triggered an attack, baby… writing this from the hospital… 🙂

  9. chinaboy says:


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  11. This is a great idea and work! Thank you very much!
    I would be very happy with a familiar pack with Casio PT-50.. 🙂

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