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Hello dear visitor!

As You probably noticed, this is my homepage, and my name is VINCENZO. Here You can find a lot of my music, written with various technics and in various quality.
Feel free to use them in your production, but please! Inform me about it! Thank You!

And of course if You need music for your production (ie: game, demo, video, etc...),
contact me: vincenzo (at) freshmindworkz (dot) hu


Now, it's time to click on the songs/dl button and enjoy the tunes!


(msg: it is highly recommended to play the it, xm, mod, s3m tunes with XMplay!)



The site is back on another server.



This year's Function party is over. My releases list:



Happy New Year! Don't forget to check the new EasterParty (ReVision) invitation demo by Rebels, called: Facts and Rumours. Download the soundtrack by clicking here.



Braaaaains! How could i forgot to mention that i reached the 2nd place at Function-X music competition? Well, i forgot it. Now it's time to download Angry Duck.



Another update - another Kerekes Band remix! This time i remixed their tune called
Ethno Funk into the usual 8bit-style-funked-up-with-some-electronic-stuff. Download, enjoy!


Kerekes band vs Vincenzo - We Found the 8th Bit Remix: mp3 | ogg



Update time!

  • Main 2010 was a great party, we had a lot of fun and great releases. Now i want to publish the official jingles we used and i'd like to send a big thank you to Anti for helping me. So, you can download the jingles pack here.
  • Rebels released a 4k intro called Growup. And here is the soundtrack for you.
  • I contributed with 4 music in 4 products at Function 2010 party. First, a 4k intro called Facetext by Tifeco, download the soundtrack.
  • Second production is a 64k intro by Racers, called Black flag. Download link for the soundtrack.
  • Next one is a 64k AMIGAAAAA intro, Blumen Kraft. I made the soundtrack ~2 years ago and now i can't find the original .mod :(
    So i can only give you the soundtrack as an .ogg
  • Last, but not least a new episode of CLi has been released! Download the background music.



Long, long time ago... there was a demoparty called Breakpoint 2010. I reached the 7th place in the streaming music compo with my entry called: Rush.


Then Parrot asked me to compose a music for his portfolio. I composed this music: Overture.


Next news for today is that i'm really proud to present you my first place C64 remix, released at Arok party 12. This is a remix of Drax's Billig Oel tune: download it and enjoy!

At Arok party, there was a great concert by SIDrip Alliance, the new C64 remix band. You can listen to the concert recording by clicking here.



First news in the year 2010!
The mindblasting BitJam Remix Compo 2 - The Musicdisk has been released at
Tum 2009 party! The list of my tunes included in this release, all of them are remix of Moby's Elekfunk music:

Another thing which i forgot to mention earlier is the release of Toys.
This is a short animation for the Kütyüshop Freestyle animation compo.

Credits: Gfx and Design - Tifeco, Music and Sfx by Vincenzo, Special thanks to Unreal.


Some new and fresh music released today!


4 days left to 24th December...!
I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thank you for downloading and listen to my tunes this year!
Please come back in 2010 too and check my recently uploaded compositons.
Cheers! :)



Main Party is over now, i reached the second place with Chill6.ogg in stream music competition. Thank you for votes!

Holograms released a demo called Ancient Dreams with my composition, which got the same title: Ancient Dreams.

I made a major mistake when i updated my webpage last time.
I would like to say SORRY! because i forgot to mention Disconinjaz!
Dmitry Ghost asked me to release some of my tunes under the name of his netlabel. I mixed and remixed some of my older tunes, added some cool cover gfx by Geek and voila! You can grab the pack here.
You can find an alternative download location here


Well, almost a year has passed away without any update on my page. This happens if a musician is lazy. During the end of 2008 and the first half of 2009 i was simply tired, 'real life' was hard, work without stop...
I don't really remember which tunes was released after which tune (and sometimes... where...?), so the following list is totally random.

These tunes are already available on the songs/dl part of my webpage, together with my previously released music. Final message for today:

i promise, i will update my homepage sooner than last time!


Finally, Voxel 4k intro soundtrack is available for download. Click this url: vn-voxel.ogg. This tune was created with Remage's 4k synth, which will be freely downloadable in the near future as a Vsti .dll!


First of all, i am lazy. My webpage-update-rate is really low, but yeah, finally it became up-to-date... Let's see what we have here right now:

  • I made a remix for Kerekes Band in a retro 8bit style, you can download it by clicking this link: vn-dr_sidpipe.mp3. Check the band's homepage too, because their musical skills are great, and their music is highly recommended to listen!
    There is a "music-video" for this remix too, don't forget to check it too! :)
  • Here is my next tune, composed for Function 2008 demoparty: vn-funkandtroll.ogg. Big big thanks to Anti for helping me to mix and master my music!
  • An Nvscene release will follow, together with Pohar, we released a 4k intro.
    Check the intro and listen to the music!


Scenecon 2008 is over now. I composed a tune for Holograms demo called Temptation.
You can download the tune from here.


Did you miss the update? I hope so! :)
Well, here i am with some newly released tunes. Let's see, what's in here:


Happy New Year!
I just added my Conspiracy introtunes to the page.
Check the music page, search for "Conspiracy"! :)


Two 4k intro tunes added to my music list: Sphere's dream and Fruit of the loop.
You can find them at the MP3/OGG - SoftSynth works section.


The Scene.hu music competition is over now, we got the results:
Funk Addict reached the 8th place. Thanks for voting!
Another tune is released this weekend: Vn-80s_hangover.ogg reached the 2nd place at Kindergarden 2007 "high quality music competition".


I just found 3 of my oldie tracked musics, hiding on my hdd.
mcl-hpns.it, mcl-rem.it, and vn-tavasz.it. All of them are released in 1999.


Vn-Funk_Addict.ogg added to my music-list.
Composed for the www.scene.hu "Just for fun" music competition. Result: later.


Some newly released tunes are up, chiptunes from S!P Podcast promo
stream musics from Bitjam #1 and the Pulzus soundtrack.


Finally, my redesigned homepage is up and workin' \o/
Some new tunes are in the download list, check them, listen them. Have fun!




* what is sid music? Wikipedia HVSC article
* what is chip music? Wikipedia Chiptune article
* what is tracked music (xm,it,s3m,mod)? Wikipedia Tracker article